Not long to go now. Here is a piccy of my very latest piece. If you want to see what it’s all about you’ll have to pop into the Cliff Top Residence during the next two weekends.*


The population in and around Hastings is a diverse one. Arty fartists, culture vultures, the bucket-and-spade brigade, occupants of God’s waiting room, people covered in qualifications, people covered in tattoos.

I’m hoping that the exhibition I’ve put together for the Coastal Currents Open Studio event will catch the attention of people from all groups, that they’ll get something from it and that they won’t feel intimidated by what’s on offer.

The exhibition has been deliberately layered with the help and assistance of the terrible Goddess who has the unenviable task of being my sounding board, whipping boy …. erm …. girl and although she has always been extremely tentative in criticising me (HUH!) manages to do so in a constructive and helpful way.

Full details of opening times etc can be found here.

*Actually, this is visible from a public footpath. It’s just to the left of the Angle of the South if you turn your back towards France.

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