To a limited degree Peabrains can multitask. By this I mean they usually remember to breath while doing something else.
I was enjoying my bowl of cereal the other morning (and managing to breath at the same time) when Lo, she is a terrible Goddess started spouting some pearls of wisdom from the kitchen just as I was lifting my spoon to my mouth. Naturally I turned my head towards her dulcet tones to give her my full and undivided attention and then proceeded to pour my muesli (with added crumbled gingernuts) and milk into my left ear. I’ll never know what pearls of wisdom she was going to impart as the subject immediately changed to how I was going to clear up the mess. The incident did remind me though that we are all victims of our upbringing.
I (like most other people I suspect) was provided with a dessert spoon to eat my cereal in the morning, having progressed from using a teaspoon when I was very young – made of bakelite in my case of course.
Now, have a little think about this. A bowl of cereal and milk is basically a bowl of sweet soup. We have a special spoon for soup. There are reasons for this. The bowl of the soup spoon is very deep. It provides for a drip-ish free and, because it is larger, a very efficient transference of food to our eagerly awaiting tummies. Why on earth are we taught to use a dessert spoon for eating our morning bowl of cereal? It is very shallow and nearly always drips. Breakfast is consumed at a very vulnerable time of the day as most people are still half asleep  and anything that eases the pitfalls of this potentially dangerous and treacherous meal should be encouraged.
I strongly recommend you try this as it will change your life for the better.
You’re welcome.