We went for my annual walk over Easter. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess seemed keen, so I thought “Why not? ……. Get it over and done with early this year.” (It’s usually timed to go with his annual bath: all that unaccustomed exercise makes him a bit  – fragrant? Lo,TG Ed)

We drove to Rye Harbour and got off to great start when I random parked. I love doing this down there – there is a huge car park and I usually place the car in the middle of an empty space in a non-parallel position to any other vehicle . We had a little snigger to ourselves. (People look at you in a wary sort of way. Most entertaining. Lo,TG Ed)

sailing boat

We then started on the walk. Although the sun was shining there was a bitter wind heading straight at us. I didn’t grumble that much …….

red beach hut

By the time we got to the distinctive red-roofed hut I’d lost all feeling in my legs and arms. I grumbled a little bit more.

I got diverted a tad when we came to this ……

rocks behind bars

……. and wondered if the rocks had ever been known to escape.

We continued into the wind. My grumbling seemed to be annoying the TG which I thought was very unfair. She’d remembered to put on appropriate clothing and was warm as toast. I think she should have lent me her scarf ….. and gloves ……and body warmer …… but she didn’t. (More layers, Peabrain. And for the nine hundredth time – DO YOUR COAT UP. Lo,TG Ed)

I started coming up with a cunning plan. I’d spotted an old lady in a wheelchair and had begun nonchalantly kicking pebbles onto the path in the hope she wouldn’t spot them, have a tumble and I could hijack her chair and cozy looking rug.
Just as I was getting desperate and had actually started levering up some boulders, the TG turned round to head back. With a following wind it actually felt quite warm.

I checked that the rocks were still safely contained ….

Rocks - close up

……. which they were ……. and we headed back to the car.

As has happened before, another car had parked next to us… in a perfectly parallel position – and they weren’t even German. I love being a trend setter.

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