Sometimes I stand and look at the stars: I’m in the past.

It’s night, and I’m on watch.

The autopilot is steering the boat.

I’m in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.

I look around for lights …. a fisherman, a bright ferry, a vessel restricted in it’s ability to manoeuvre;

There are none.

I watch the stars and listen to stirring music playing through my headphones.

A shooting star, a sound that might be a dolphin playing in the wake.

I pop down into the galley and boil the kettle …… tea, coffee or a cup-a-soup?

I snatch a choccy bar and go back to the cockpit.

A 360Ëš scan to see if anything has changed.

All is well.

Oh. It’s time to change the watch –

Perhaps I’ll do another hour and let them sleep.



That is a special place to be. I’d love to go down to the sea again… Just not in the winter. Lo,TG Ed