The Cliff Top Residence
SE England

Dear Mr Dentist,

Just a small query; I know that you’re just off to the Bahamas for your 2nd holiday this year, and I don’t want to hold you up.
It’s just that I wondered if all dentists ask questions when the patient’s mouth is full of several hands, a vacuum pump, a mirror, a drill and an upside down umbrella and then seem to get a tad irritated when they can’t understand the answer? I’m quite prepared to take a course on the art of ventriloquism if you think that might save me looking like a dummy and help you lower your blood pressure. In fact it might be the answer to my own little problem; that of not having anyone on the same intellectual wave-length to talk to. Except in the Blogosphere of course.

Anyway, if you could spare a moment to answer my query, I’d be very grateful – not that I’m thinking of changing dentists or anything of course. For a start I want to finish reading that interesting report in the magazine in the waiting room predicting that the relief of Mafeking is imminent.

Oh, and the answer to your question was “OW!”

Yours sincerely

Daddy Papersurfer
(The real problem is that any one who spots you on their wavelength vacates it, toute suite, for another one. Lo,TG Ed)