I’ve decided to give all you young *cough* interweave entrepreneurs one of my ideas.

I was thinking about all the pain and suffering that created the greatest monuments. The Pyramids, Versailles, the Taj Mahal etc – all built to immortalise at the cost of punitive taxes, blood, sweat and tears.

Imagine a website where you can build yourself a magnificent state of the art high tech pad, a Stately home, a ruin… anything you fancy. Once built you can fill it with pictures from your life, messages for loved ones, objects that you found beautiful – anything at all that defined your life and was important to you. There could be a memorial book where friends could leave condolences, funny stories, unpaid bills.

For a small fee to set up your pages and a legacy in your will the site would remain active for as long as there are other people around in the world to tap away on keypads.

The web address iMonument.com might be available.

I shall design a huge boat that people can explore [after they’ve wiped their feet of course] and when eventually they emerge from seeing my ramblings they’ll find the boat has dropped anchor in a beautiful bay just off a wonderful island with sandy beaches, palm trees swaying and an excellent small supermarket.

If anyone does make a fortune from this I’d be quite happy to have the yacht now of course. (I think his name’s Zuckerberg. Lo TG Ed)


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