The whole Portuguese experience is proving to be very challenging ……. and it’s got nothing to do with dust, flying or volcanoes.

It’s the bane of my life – Papersurfer Junior.

Yesterday, to keep us out of trouble, we were sent out to take photographs and the results were judged by Tango and Penfold.

P Jnr came first with this picture of a bee.

Bee - PJr

I was going to take a picture of a bee as well but after taking this piccy Junior made it fly away and hide and THERE WERE NO OTHER BEES IN PORTUGAL!

I did manage to get second place with a picture of this pylon.

Pylon - DP

Third place went to ……. you’ve guessed it – the bane ……. but I would just like to say that he was assisted by Lo, she is a terrible Goddess who suggested throwing a stone in the puddle to make the ripples.

Drip - PJr

Quite frankly I think it was a moral victory for me ………oh, and don’t mention the Scrabble tournament we had after lunch today …….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.