Making ‘stuff’ is really quite interesting.

Shades of Grey 2

This is made from 50 grey pebbles picked up from the beach at Pett Level. I had intended to wire them together and put the whole object into one of my wire boxes. This proved to be impossible. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess suggested gluing them onto cloth or wire mesh to hold them together. This also proved to be impossible.

I pondered … and thought … and contemplated … and considered … and deliberated … and mulled … and mused … and reflected upon … and mediated on … and cogitated on [put that bloody Thesaurus away DP!!!!!] … oh, OK … sorry … and suddenly thought ‘Snakes have skins!!’ I stealthily creep into the kitchen and snaffled the packet of cling film and snuck back to my shed of grey.

Shades of Grey 1

I wrapped and fiddled and fiddled and wrapped and eventually managed to get the whole thing together.

I had intended  to paint a single eye on the head of the snake but was so engrossed and then excited that I completely forget to do it . My plan was to have a sub-title ‘The One Eyed Trouser Snake’. Phew … narrow escape!