I’m sure many of you are well versed in the art of peeking but I felt that a few pointers wouldn’t go amiss.

1. If you need to wear glasses to see clearly remember to put them on before peeking.
2. Check on the light conditions – the peeker should be in subdued light to hinder discovery, whereas the light on the peekee should be bright enough to ensure  no detail is missed.
3. If discovered peeking have a good excuse ready. I usually explain that I suffer from Eyecrampiitus which requires me to exercise my eyes in a way which can look furtive.
4. The peeker must take care when using specialised equipment like periscopes, small mirrors or cooking foil – the position of the sun must be taken into account so as not to attract attention with flashing lights.

I have aimed these tips at the semi-experienced peeker. Beginners should go down the usual route of going to the seaside on a hot Summer’s day wearing dark glasses with a good supply of pain killers for the inevitable neck strain.

Please note – once something has been ‘peeked’ it cannot be ‘unpeeked’.

[Have a lovely weekend ……….. buying me Christmas presents]