New door

Between sets at Wimbledon, [or as Boris Becker says, Vwombledon] I’ve made some progress with my conversion of the garage to the office of the faithful Goddess ……. I know how grateful she will be.

(Note to self: call security firm to install Peabrain deterrent  detection devices – electrically charged door handles, nerve gas etc (stun only – benevolence is my middle name after all). Lo,TG Ed)

New door complete

The new doors onto the patio are in ……

The doorway between my worlds

…….. and the tiny door-well between my two worlds has been constructed.

Putting a wooden floor on the existing concrete has been a tad tricky as there was a 5 inch dip into one corner – a bit like trying to straighten out a hyperbolic paraboloid ……… still, I got there in the end ……

Ready for plastering

I’m now ready to do the plastering.

Please note that the old garage door did manage to find itself outside …… just …… *phew* …… and has been screwed to the outside for security reasons whilst waiting for the new window to arrive.


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