Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went for a walk down at Pett Level the other day and we spotted this …….

Stranded boat - Pett

What sort of idiot parks their boat, presumably in this case for lunch, and fails to take into consideration that the tide has a tendency to go out as well as in. Honestly some people.


{{{{ Well what about that time in Chichester harbour [the TG wasn’t on board*] when you had to spend the night sleeping on the ceiling, DP? …. *cough* …… and your crew fell out of their bunks and might have screamed a tad? ……. *looks skyward* ….. and you were the skipper? ……. *blushes* ……. oh yes, and was also that the time you ran aground ENTERING the harbour? ………. *ermmmm* …….. I thought so}}}}


(*It wouldn’t have happened if I’d been on board because I – let me see, was the expression ‘fuss’ ?- or in other terms, check the charts, DP. {{And btw, now I’ve got new eyes those invisibility brackets don’t work any more. :-P}} Lo,TG Ed)

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