WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOUR THINK? ….. a new play by Daddy Papersurfer

Setting – the garden on a glorious summer’s day

Props – one sunlounger and a hedge

The Players –

The terrible Goddess
Daddy Papersurfer
Aloe Vera

Act 1

The TG : “Pull your t-shirt up – you know the mess it makes.”

Me : “OK”

The TG : “No, NO – further than that!”

Me : “Huh?”

The TG : “They make it sweaty and smelly!”

Me : “Oh”

Sound, stage left, apparently from the other side of hedge.

Aloe Vera : “Gasp” -  small delay – *thud*


[Is Aloe Vera OK?  What was the truth behind these dramatic events? ……. we’ll probably never know the answers to these questions …… oh well] (Let’s keep it that way. Lo,TG Ed)