It’s wet and windy – what to do?
Mum’s in bed with the flu.
I’ve found some cardboard and some glue,
Oooo and some ‘tack’ that’s very blue.

I’ll make Mum a present – perhaps a witch?
My imagination’s starting to itch
Although I know there’ll be a hitch;
Perhaps a mini-football pitch?

I’ll find some crayons to colour in,
And to hold together, a safety pin,
And to collect the mess, a rubbish bin.
Perhaps I should make a violin!

Or a car, a plane, or a kangaroo.
Will I need a Phillips screw?
What is the capital of Peru?
It’s wet and windy – what to do?

I’m bored now, that’s enough of that.
What’s on the telly? Postman Pat!
What’s he doing with that cricket bat?
And what’s happened to the black and white cat!?!

(A.A.Milne would be very proud. LO,TG Ed)