Apparently, so I’m told, one minute I can be snoring and then, almost immediately, wide awake and flinging myself from the bed eager to start the day.

However, Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, has great difficulty waking. She slowly becomes aware that it is morning and uses the duvet to shield her eyes for as long as possible. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, the duvet is inched from her eyes, to the accompaniment of a small groan.
It is vital at this stage not to speak, walk loudly or sneeze.
There is a 20 minute delay before any further movement is detectable – usually a twitch of the foot. This is the optimum time to say, very quietly, “Are you ready for a cuppa?” This is usually greeted by a noise resembling  the first sign of an earthquake which roughly translated means “Yes.”

After delivery of the cuppa it is wise to absent yourself for as long as possible.

When she finally emerges from the bedroom don’t be too perky and never start chatting until she’s finished breakfast – unless she instigates the conversation.

Be aware though, that if her first words are “I’ve been thinking”, you’re in for a rough day.

(Busy, possibly. But I suppose in your case that equates to the same thing. Lo,TG Ed)