I woke up and opened my eyes.

Something wasn’t right.

There was a strange light that brought back memories that I couldn’t quite grasp.

I got out of bed and wandered with some caution into the living room.

The light seemed stronger.

I drew one of the curtains and was immediately blinded.

I staggered backwards and collapsed onto the sofa.

After a few minutes I dared to open my eyes.

I looked through the glass doors.

Slowly it dawned on me.

The sun was shining.

Bloody brilliant!!!!

I ran into the bedroom flung on my Speedos, socks and sandals, charged out into the street and down onto the beach.

“Gonna be a lobster!!!! Gonna be a lobster!!!!!!”

Curiously people made a very large space for me on the sand.

I threw down my towel and lay spread-eagled.

I remained prone for 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

“Blimey it’s hot!!!!”

I retreated back to the apartment and pulled the curtains.

Bloody weather.