I had settled down on the sofa holding my cup of tea when Lo, she is a terrible Goddess started talking to me from the kitchen.
I wasn’t really concentrating and after I’d made the obligatory grunt, my mind wandered off in the direction of something more important.
There’s a DIY chain of shops over here called B&Q and I suddenly realised that I had no idea what the ‘B’ and the ‘Q’ stood for. I absentmindedly slurped my tea. I reckoned that the ‘B’ stood for ‘building’ and, from my vast experience of the store, I thought that the ‘Q’ probably was a warning about the ‘queues’ that inevitably form at the checkouts. My razor like mind then remembered that ‘queue’ is a brilliant word to use if playing hangman. The quantity of vowels always befuddled an opponent when I was at school [as a student and later on as a teacher]. I drained my teacup – the TG was now standing in the doorway regarding me inscrutably and I re-tuned into what she was saying. She gazed at me  for a moment and then said in a deceptively soft voice

“oh, and did you hear what I said? – I noticed there was a fly in your cup ….. I’ll make you another.”

Oh dear.

(Flies are surprisingly hard to come by at this time of year. Lo,TG Ed)

[Fly picture is yet another illustration for the tome. Have a great weekend and CHECK YOUR BEVERAGES!]