One of the most effective ways to increase one’s efficiency  is to purchase an electric kettle.


Beverages are consumed by civilised people several times a day. They are vital to help clear thought and to create open receptive eyes.

With the use of an electric kettle the minimum amount of time is wasted. Filling the old fashioned kettle, lighting the hob, putting the kettle on the hob and then waiting around for the kettle to boil or disappearing to do something really importantly only to be interrupted by the insistent whistling that requires attention, is the way of the bucolic peasant. The electric kettle can be filled, turned on and left, because it automatically switches itself off. It is then, almost immediately, at your convenience, ready to provide the boiled water that is vital for your beverage. Many minutes can be saved and important matters can be dealt with without interruption. I have used both methods and can vouch wholeheartedly that my productiveness  increases hugely when an electric kettle is involved.