Last year I did a thing asking for random words which I worked into a yarn later in the week ……. not knitting yarn!!!

Original post here and the story is here.

Gitwizard has suggested that I do it again as there are some new avid readers around.

I would say I’m game, except I’m afraid someone might shoot me so I’ll just say – please leave some random words in a comment [not RUDE ones and only one or two each] and I’ll weave them into some nonsense on Friday ….. it’s not as if I’m busy or anything ……. sheeeeesh.

(No it isn’t, is it. And I don’t think that’s going to prevent the odd random passing sharpshooter, randomly passing, [and it’d be nothing to do with me] from taking a pot shot, randomly [pot shot – game, geddit? Sorry, too much cocoa]. Lo,TG Ed)


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