Jasper took one last look at the jumble of 1’s and 0’s and then pressed ‘send’. The effect spread incredibly rapidly. Computers all over the world started to resemble a recently agitated snow globe. Even Smart phones were affected. Gradually the snow settled and screens filled up and turned completely white – except Jasper’s.
Over the following week geeks, nerds and boffins tried desperately to find out what was happening. They couldn’t use their computers of course. They had to use calculators, paper and pencils. They also had to use old fashioned land lines to telephone each other. Some even resorted to writing letters.
Twitter users got depressed and started talking to complete strangers in shops and on public transport. Family and friends had to rely on having parties to have a good catch-up. Businesses and banks had to return to direct meetings with people and actually talking to them.
Jasper had been banned from playing with his computer because he was meant to be studying for a music exam the day he pressed ‘send’. He moaned of course and didn’t believe his parents when they said the whole system had crashed and died anyway. Eventually his ‘time out’ was over and he switched on his computer and was very disappointed to see his snow globe experiment hadn’t worked. He typed a new series of 1’s and 0’s to clear out his efforts.
The world breathed a sigh of relief.
Jasper passed his music exam.