Ever since Tiggz used this expression in a comment a million years ago my brain has been working on an idea.

I have now perfected the “Windmill in your Pants” and it’ll be going on sale shortly.

This innovative invention, which fits snugly in your undercrackers, provides just enough electricity to power a hearing aid.

I am selling this fantastic gizmo for a mere $5000. This modest price includes a FREE tin of baked beans. There is a rider though, you might have to buy a size larger undercracker to accommodate the windmill.

Suitable for peabrains and goddesses [although goddesses might need to buy and consume more baked beans than peabrains], this product is guaranteed to help use greenhouse gases effectively.

Quite honestly, I’m expecting to receive a Nobel prize for this ………

(In those circumstances don’t you think it might be better not to have a hearing aid? Lo,TG Ed).