Well, what an exciting day!!

The official photographer was rushed to hospital after he choked on a gingernut which I’d kindly given him. Naturally I stepped into the breach.

Here are some of the very bestest piccies …… I can’t wait to send them off to the bride and groom!

Groom and best man

The groom and best man waiting for the bride.

Bride and groom and vicaress

The actual ceremony. At this point the vicaress was offering plumbing advice about regular rodding stopping the drains getting blocked up ….. it’s always nice to give a new couple some practical advice.

Teaching the groom to read and write

After they were married – the bride, a teacher, sat down and started teaching the groom how to read and write.

Bride, bridesmaids and the TG

The bride with her bridesmaids.

The reception - tea and stick

Then we went off to the reception …… it was quite a spread I can tell you!

Bride's mother and groom

The bride’s mother sat next to the groom ……

Bride and groom's father

…… and the groom’s father sat next to the bride. Everyone was very excited!!!

Bride and groom listening to speeches

The bride and groom listening to the speeches.

The cake

The cake.

Of course I took a load more piccies but these are definitely the best of the bunch. I’m now trying to decide how much to charge them …… mate’s rates I suppose …… oh well.


(It was a beautiful wedding, every tiny little detail had been thought of, planned, and executed perfectly by the bride, her mother (coven member and sister goddess who will need several days in a darkened room to recover from her exertions!), and helpers. Even the weather cooperated: a perfect summer’s day, not too hot, bright blue sky with little wispy bits of white cloud, and a gentle breeze. I only had my phone , but these aren’t too bad. Lo,TG Ed)


[Erm, not a bad effort I suppose considering your equipment ………. *decides to go for a long walk*]

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