Oh yes, not the Prince Regent of Razors, but the King of Shaves sent me a razor and some gel to test thanks to those lovely people at Fuel My Blog [well one of them is lovely – I’m trying to decide exactly which one.]

Anyway, the area that usually gets a regular seeing to responded extremely well to the Azor and gel – my box is as smooth as a good quality vellum laid quality paper.

I decided to experiment with other more sensitive areas on the temple that I call my body.

I shaved my helix, my anti-helix, my scapha, my lobule, my concha, my tragus, my anti-tragus and my fossa triangularis with hardly a mishap and very satisfactory results.

Kudos to Will King for his products and his advertising strategy although I do feel that a free life-time’s supply – I am extremely old and doddery – would provide a much more thorough test …………..