I was enjoying a swift half at the Twisted Gusset over the weekend and got chatting to the owner of The Grub Shop which is hidden away in the back streets of Piddling-by-the-Sea.
He proudly explained that the recipes for the pies The Grub Shop makes have been passed down through many generations of his family, and that they were why the word ‘grub’ has come to mean, informally, food.

It seems that the secret lies in the casings of the pies. They are constructed from deep fried grubs which are then bound together using cuckoo spit. For a savoury pie the spit is mixed with salt and pepper whilst for a sweet pie a little castor sugar is added. The casing is built up in a conical shape to about 6” tall and then put into the oven at 200C for 5 minutes. Having been left to cool the top is then sliced off and your filling of choice shovelled into the base. The top is replaced, once again using cuckoo spit to seal it. Back in the oven again for 10 minutes and Bob’s your uncle; a delicious pie which is really crispy.
I shall search out this epicurean centre of excellence the next time I find myself in the midst of Piddling.

(There’s light at the end of the tunnel – cuckoo numbers are declining. Lo,TG Ed)