Despite being French, the lovely Sylvie has organised a fantastic collection of recipes from members of Fuelmyblog. The book is available from Blurb and profits are going to the charity ‘Stop Hunger Now’.

Fuelmyblog is the only social networking site that I use, and I have watched it develop over the last couple of years with interest and pleasure. I’ve also got to know a lot of the members. The atmosphere that Kevin and Sylvie have created has made the production of this book possible. The amount of back room work that has to be done must, on occasion, be very tedious, and it is very easy to take the service they provide for granted. I know that they love feedback to keep them going.
How many social sites are out there that have created this type of family atmosphere? ……. seriously, is there another one? ………. I need to know in case I’ve out-stayed my welcome ……….