This is my Do Do list, a very different animal from my To Do list. These are things I used to want to do but don’t any more.

1. See the Northern Lights. I’ve Googled Blackpool and it’s northerer than Tunbridge Wells + it’s wet and windy at Christmas time.
2. Go on safari. I’d spend all my time saying “So faree so good – tee hee.” There’s a strong possibility I’d be murdered.
3. Hike the Inca trail in Peru. It’s been raining and I think that the ink will have run and I’d get lost.
4. Play a game of poker but I fear I might get poked back.
5. Make £1,000,000. Printing costs have gone through the roof so I can no longer afford to do this.
6. Go skinny-dipping in the Ocean. I’m afraid as being seen as trailing bait.
7. Spend a week in a meditation retreat. I’ve thought about doing this for so long and now feel I’ve covered the course already.
8. Learn to play an instrument. The last time I tried this I nearly sliced my fingers off. Perhaps I should have tried a guitar and avoided surgical instruments.
9. Send a message in a bottle. Re-cycling has depleted my bottle supply and I’m saving my last one for my ashes.
10. Bungee jumping. I don’t want to lose my teeth so the rest of my life sucks.

Anyone else out there who is beginning to come to terms with their limitations?

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