As I’m feeling sorry for my avid readers, I’ve decided to give you the day off. Consequently my post is over at Sky News.
If however you want to read the next in the series of ‘A Man of Letters’ you’ll have to go over there and, if you want to comment, sign-in and everythink. Diane, particularly, should be delighted – tee hee.



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    I would answer that for you John, except that it’s not in my nature to go around smelling beavers.

    I’m a city girl you know… geez, don’t you pay attention to anything I say?

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    Why does that question make him a naughty boy?

    Being from Florida, I’m sure the only smell he knows about is that of some old reptiles. I’d really love to be of assistance to him, but I’m afraid I’m a city gal. Perhaps you, as a man-of-the-world with your vast, James Bond-like knowledge of flim-flam life, might have some (pre-TG) experiences from your younger years to draw on and could help him out?

    I think he really wants to know.

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    I was referring to the nasty timber preservative Pentachlorophenol rather than the nasty hallucinogenic drug.

    daddyp replied:


  4. daddyp
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    Exactly ……. cleavages can reveal a lot about a person …….

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    That’s because I’m older – – –

    daddyp replied:

    ….. and as young, if not younger, at the same time ……. which is very encouraging ……

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