I had such a lovely time at Penfold’s and Tango’s mountain hideaway eating open sandwiches, mending the kitchen and encouraging a grass mowing ethic, that I nearly forget why I was there – the pursuit of the Wild Gingernut.

I wandered far and wide in my search carrying a knotted hankie tied to a stick ………. and then, after travelling literally 50 yards, …….. I saw this ……..

tiny gingernuts

…….. a whole family of the little darlings! [Oh, hang on – I’ll have a zoom ….

Hiding gingernuts

……. that’s better]

I couldn’t get any closer as they were extremely shy so I built a hide out of bracken, an old t-shirt and a wellington boot. Eventually I managed to get a really good view ……… and made another shocking discovery. [The first was that I’d completely forgotten to put anything in my knotted hankie and quite frankly I was beginning to get a tad peckish. The Wild Gingernuts looked soooooo tempting ……….]

(Note to the wise: when going on a field trip with Peabrain, take plenty of sandwiches. {Wise? What am I saying?} Lo,TG Ed)

To be continued on Monday 16th November – The Ecstasy and the Agony.