Many years ago I was sent on a team building weekend. I was running a youth centre at the time where, quite frankly, the ability to play table tennis and looking concerned were the only skills needed.
Anyhoo, one of the exercises on this exciting and fulfilling course was to build a structure out of plastic straws held together with pins. It had to be as tall as possible and to be able to be dropped by someone standing on a chair and survive. I had been elected team leader [this happened a lot, much to my annoyance … as avid readers will know my position in life is to be led mainly by Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, otherwise I tend to get into difficulties].
I was instructed to lead with a ‘dictatorial’ attitude – the other team was to be ‘laissez faire’.
After some difficulties [I was accused of a Hitleresque attitude, which nearly lead to a revolt until I nominated a Primary School teacher as my spokesperson] my team produced a very boring object based on a strong triangular based module; the opposing team came up with a very random ‘thing’ that was a wibblywobbly high diving board complete with a tentative figure just about to launch herself/himself off into the ether.
My creation was dropped … no damage.
The diver was dropped … carnage.
I soooo wish that I’d been given the ‘laissez faire’ directive, much more fun.