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… the water has gone off again before I managed a shower! I’m going to have to learn how to cover myself in olive oil and scrape myself clean … that is if I can manage to peel my undercrackers off. Perhaps Lo, she is a terrible Goddess could help – I think I can […]


One of the many delights of Surfugal is that the Water Board turn off the water for repair works with no warning at all. It’s nearly lunchtime now and there’s been no water since we woke up. There are long forgotten parts of my body that are sticking together causing some discomfort and shock that […]


The washing machine is a mystery to me. This is not a deliberate policy. The intricacies and permutations are way beyond my understanding. Temperature, type of materials, amounts of washing liquid, spin cycle ……. it puts my head in a whirl…….. …….. and don’t talk to me about separating coloureds and whites. There are some […]