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CAR STORY – Part 5

Conclusion Lo, she is a terrible Goddess woke up in an efficient mood. “This is ridiculous. Telephone the breakers, tell them to pick up the Volvo, and then take the hire car back. We’re going to buy either the Hyundai, I can use a cushion, or the car at the local dealers. Whoever comes up […]

CAR STORY – Part 4

Desperation. Search radius increased to forty miles. Hours are spent on the interweave. We head North towards London to look at several cars at a particular garage. Unbeknownst to us there are 2 large luxurious Volvos on the forecourt. We sit in them. One has very comfortable leather armchairs for seats with an undergusset heating […]

CAR STORY – Part 2

Putting our petrol heads on. I woke up the following morning – which was a great relief as I have been known to hum in my sleep. I telephoned the garage we use for repairs. My worst suspicions were confirmed. The cost to get the beast working again would be 3 or 4 times it’s […]