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Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has gone off cooking at the moment. “What’s for tea darling?” “Tear stained toast.” “Oh ………………….…… yummy.” (So glad you liked it – there’s some left over from yesterday. Lo,TG Ed) . Match of the Day .


There has been a debate of Biblical proportions raging over at Archies Archive about bread. It’s been over which colour is superior – brown or white. I fear that the ‘Toaster Wars’ could ensue and the whole world could go up in smoke ……… luckily, I quite like my toast burnt …… .


I made a titanic effort the other day and decided to cook for Lo, she is a terrible Goddess. She has done nearly all the cooking over the years and I thought it would be lovely if she had the day off. I chose a simple meal – baked beans on toast with bacon bits. […]


Buttered toast is one of the greatest culinary treats in the civilised world. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess must be presented with toast that is just right – not undercooked and certainly not burnt. The butter must be applied while the toast is piping hot so that it soaks in. (Oh dear. Sigh. The […]