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To a limited degree Peabrains can multitask. By this I mean they usually remember to breath while doing something else.
I was enjoying my bowl of cereal the other morning (and managing to breath at the same time) when Lo, she is a terrible Goddess started spouting some pearls of wisdom from the kitchen just as [...]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has just gone to the hairdressers. I’ve got two hours to re-think the various strategies I’ve tried using over 45 years of too much bliss of how to react on her return.
I’ve tried giving an honest opinion. I’ve tried giving no opinion. I’ve tried giving someone else’s opinion. I’ve [...]


It’s possible to accept the pants on the floor
And the occasional poke in the ribs ….
But if you cannot ignore the roar from his snore
Then give him the elbow and out of the door.
Of course the string vest doesn’t aid the rapport
But it isn’t a hanging offence ….
But if you cannot ignore the roar from [...]


I cannot stress the importance of balance in your life. The balance between work and play, taking gambles and playing for safety, selflessness and selfishness.

May I clarify. To survive – keep work to an absolute minimum. The same goes for play – it can be very dangerous. Obviously gambling should be kept to a minimum, [...]