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There is a cupboard in the bathroom I should have built 3 years ago … or rather there isn’t. Yesterday Lo, she is a terrible Goddess decided to take matters into her own hands. She bundled me out of the front door and shackled me to the roof rack and drove to the nearest DIY […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess sits on one sofa and reads her book. I sit on the other sofa and read my book. When we have finished our books we swap. The difficulty lies in not giving away the ending. Whereas the TG can maintain a poker face, happy endings always make me well […]


Now that I can cheerily swing a cat in the old shed I’ve been able to start on my next round of magnificent, meaningful and marvellous sculptures. I present to you avid readers …. ‘STONE HINGE”. Warning – this work of art needs watering. May the shed of your dreams, in whatever form, lighten and […]


Sitting shyly behind the shed I’ve adored for some time, is this little beauty … This glorious manifestation appeared last week, having arrived in a tiny cardboard box. Several days after opening this, the most complicated Meccano set in the world, it is now complete and fully functional. I cut myself, ruined my back, looked […]


Following on from yesterday’s post – I’ve recovered from the bout of mildew I caught whilst being made to cavort in the garden BTW – the upside is that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess wants a sculpture made. This one would have been very suitable ….. …… but no longer lives with us – […]


What a heady combination! The creative and gastric juices flowing all over the place. Avid readers, I bring you …….. ….. The House of Gingernuts!!!! Now the shed is operational, goodness only knows what could happen. I just know you’re as excited as I am. Have a lovely weekend …… and let the farce be […]


The shed is fitted and ready to go ……… ………. and I’ve wasted no time. Within seconds of fitting the final shelf I created this ……. …….. which was created within seconds. “Dancing to a Different Tuna” questions so many aspects of modern life I don’t know where to begin …….. so I won’t. It […]

CATCH 22 …….

…….. or it might be 23 …… It’s been a tad chilly recently which has been very frustrating as I’ve wanted to get on with fitting out my studio …….. OK OK –  shed …….. sheeeesh! The first job is to insulate it so that it can be made cosy [with the help of a […]


I’m starting to fit out the shed. The first job that has to be done is get all the wiring in before I insulate and line the walls and floor. I’ve already run the line from the Cliff Top Residence to the shed. I knelt in some fox’s poo which is the smelliest poo known […]

OK OK ……..

……… I promise I won’t mention my shed again for ages. “It would appear, DP, that the shed that was ordered, is larger than the one I approved. I will allow it but I will not tolerate it being the colour of someone just about to take part in Strictly Come Dancing. An effect like […]