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I woke up and opened my eyes. Something wasn’t right. There was a strange light that brought back memories that I couldn’t quite grasp. I got out of bed and wandered with some caution into the living room. The light seemed stronger. I drew one of the curtains and was immediately blinded. I staggered backwards […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has been getting rather cross. Apparently I get dressed in the wrong order. To aid your rather feeble imaginations I have taken the trouble to provide an illustration so I can get you on my side. I spring from the bed in the morning as nature intended (Nature could […]


Now that the first signs of spring are here, it’s time to decide what to wear for the new season. Obviously a string vest is always flattering – probably worn with some beige slacks, and I feel that the ensemble would not be complete without some rather nifty sandals. If only I had two left […]