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My first, and possibly last, political sculpture – The Nanny State. I’m continuing to work on The Toy Cupboard but I’m still short of soft toys. Perhaps I’ll be able to get some more when we visit Surfugal. I’m very busy you know and the grass needs cutting!


I have little interest in politics particularly now that it is dominated by ‘political correctness’ and ‘financial considerations’. Tony Blur never said anything that wasn’t fuzzy, Boredom Brown had the charisma of a freshly painted piece of wood left out to dry and the present incumbents of the highest positions in the British political sphere, […]


These are two subjects I vowed to avoid when blogging. Religion, because I would be in fear of a thunderbolt striking my head from my shoulders, and politics, as I do like my avid readers to stay awake – for a little while at least. However I decided to make an exception when a good […]