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It’s someone’s birthday today. My friend Titus [so named because he looks as though he’s made of porridge] can read tea leaves, and he informs me that the Blog Mistress of Olga the travelling bra is celebrating a birthday today……. I don’t know whether to believe him though. His last reading apparently said that ‘Daddy […]


I have been rather concerned about the camellias. They have appeared to be on the point of bursting forth for several weeks. I even went to the trouble of searching the interweave to see if such a thing as a ‘flower training bra’ existed – with some very interesting results. I even considered speaking to […]

AN ODE TO OLGA [and close on her tail is Fracas]

Olga, that wild travelling bra, Before Christmas, was a bit of a star. She made hats you could see, For the gang at FMB, And proudly we wore them – tra la. I think she deserves a “hurrah”, The millinerilly skilled black bra, For all of the fun, She is such a ‘hun’. Three cheers […]