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Unfortunately I mixed up my list for Santa Claus and my ‘to do’ list. This means that I’ve got to buy all my own presents, I wish I hadn’t been so greedy, and Santa will be too busy grouting the bathroom, vacuuming the living room and mending the shed roof to be able to deliver […]


This is my Do Do list, a very different animal from my To Do list. These are things I used to want to do but don’t any more. 1. See the Northern Lights. I’ve Googled Blackpool and it’s northerer than Tunbridge Wells + it’s wet and windy at Christmas time. 2. Go on safari. I’d […]


Everyone needs lists …….. otherwise listlessness sets in ……. obviously. The Top 100.net is all about lists. I’ve put various lists over there: this has been great fun – the people involved have just the right amount of dementedness and are excellent at telling me how to do ‘stuff’ when I got confused. There are […]


Some people might have been following the birthing process of Project Dennis. I am pleased to announce that the bump has burst and TheTop100.net is taking it’s first few breaths in the Interweave. To get you started I strongly suggest you register and then go to this page, write a review and vote me up […]


Are you a ‘list’ person? Do you walk round the supermarket in your head so your shopping list is in the right order? Do you buy on impulse? Do you avoid shopping when hungry? Do you avoid shopping when thirsty? Do you write task lists? Do you make lists of lists? Does your partner make […]