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I know, you’re asking whether this really matters or not. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess tends towards perfection when it comes to the English language and is constantly trying to correct (Instil, Peabrain, instil. One can’t correct the non-existent. Lo,TG Ed) mine. Unfortunately I missed out on the Grammar lesson at school and consequently […]

Vescere bracis meis.

. The more observant of my avid readers will have noticed that it’s been Latin week here. This is in celebration of some primary schools over here that have put Latin back on the curriculum. As Lo, she is a terrible Goddess says to me on an almost daily basis “Latin is extremely useful Peabrain, […]

Di! Ecce hora! Uxor mea me necabit!

. I keep telling Lo, the terrible Goddess that the time I spend on the internet is educational and a high form of artistic endeavour. . . …….. gotta go – for many reasons, including my age ………. .