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……. although I have nasty suspicion I know what it will be. The project for this coming winter is to convert the attached garage into part of the living accommodation. The plan up to yesterday afternoon was to use it as a tiny office for the TG with the vast majority of the space to […]


…….. and so the work continues dans le jardin …….. The pond was lined and filled yesterday. It now needs landscaping and will have a quaint little rivulet to help aeration. The book says I must be patient and let the water balance itself before bunging some fish in. As goldfish are only about 99p […]


…….. about having been ‘under the weather’ is that I’ve let Lo, she is a terrible Goddess down. I had promised her that all the hard landscaping, including the pond, would be finished by the end of this week. I’d even managed to arrange for a friend to help move this lot ……. ……. round […]

WILL THE NEIGHBOUR SURVIVE? ….. a new play by Daddy Papersurfer

Setting – the garden on a glorious summer’s day Props – one sun lounger and a hedge and some newly installed bird feeders The Players – The terrible Goddess [off stage right, reclining on ottoman] Daddy Papersurfer Aloe Vera Act 1 DP rushes on stage and then turns, heads back towards the house and shouts. […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has plans for the garden and they involve moving half of it 50 metres nearer the cliff top. The old steps have to be removed and new, shallower ones cut into the lawn – and the spoil moved to the bottom of the garden. The area up where the […]


The front garden at the Cliff Top Residence needs a makeover – I want it to demonstrate to the neighbourhood that I’m not a country bumpkin and that I have excellent taste. I reckon this little chap should do the trick. I suspect however that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess might have other ideas…….. […]


In the garden late at night, Planes not heard but in sight, A fox’s screech, the sound of waves, The moon, shining, feeling brave. Quiet neighbours – ah what bliss, The perfect place to have a piss. …… a habit that was denied me at the Gated Community. .