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One of the most effective ways to increase one’s efficiency  is to purchase an electric kettle. Beverages are consumed by civilised people several times a day. They are vital to help clear thought and to create open receptive eyes. With the use of an electric kettle the minimum amount of time is wasted. Filling the […]

CAR STORY – Part 5

Conclusion Lo, she is a terrible Goddess woke up in an efficient mood. “This is ridiculous. Telephone the breakers, tell them to pick up the Volvo, and then take the hire car back. We’re going to buy either the Hyundai, I can use a cushion, or the car at the local dealers. Whoever comes up […]

09/09/09 AT 9:09am

My proper post will up here a bit later at about 9:10am because I’m very efficient. 70steen came up with this really fantastic idea (Usually Peabrain talks complete rubbish, but on this occasion he’s hit the nail on the head. Brilliant idea, 70’s. Lo,TG Ed) for people involved with Fuelmyblog.  The idea is to take […]