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… I’m very slow on the up-take. As you know, avid readers, I’m very patient, cheery, understanding, extremely intelligent, cool etc. If I have a fault it would be modesty. However, if I don’t have a cup of decent coffee first thing in the morning, my qualities are not that buffed and shiny. My normal […]


“What exactly are you doing in your coffee mug Peabrain?” “Taking pictures …….. shusssh.” “Why?” “’Cos I swilled it around and made a pretty picture ……. (It looks like a drainhole! Lo,TG Ed) ……… it looks a bit like a landscape ……. shusssssh ………. I’m concentrating!” “Have you taken the bins out? The dark washing […]


I went to see a friend the other day. The family have an 8 month old boxer dog. Wikipedia says, amongst other things, “As puppies, Boxers demonstrate a fascinating combination of worrisome expressions, energetic curiosity, flexible attention spans and charming characteristics.” If you define ‘flexible attention span’ as the behaviour of a 5 year old […]


*TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING* “What the ………!” I sat bolt upright in bed and then remembered that I had a very important interview with Uma Thurman about why an ageing git was so attractive to goddesses. I jumped out of bed, forgetting that I’d parked my skateboard there in case I needed a quick getaway. I scooted across […]