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Darren, a caveman, liked to spend a few days alone about every four weeks: he crept away on the days when, for some reason he couldn’t fathom, his little Mirabelle got very ratty with him. He was getting a tad bored on the other side of the hill and decided to practise folding large leaves, […]


We had a BBQ last Saturday. I played the role of caveman … obviously. The effect was slightly marred by the pinny that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess made me wear, and the scream I let out when a sausage spat in my eye. (I wonder if pre-historic man made such a performance out […]


I have been making a very careful study of the cave paintings to be found in Milton Keynes and have made a remarkable discovery concerning the invention of the wheel. Ugh the Caveman was very fond of biscuits. Not gingernuts of course, that would be ridiculous. They were an oatmeal confection cooked in hairy mammoth […]