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Although it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey here at the moment, the seagulls are insisting on doing their wooing thing. The noise reminds me of ‘that’ scene from When Harry Met Sally … if Sally had strep. Perhaps, what I had assumed were bird droppings on the new car, are […]


This is a picture of the shopping precinct in Hastings. It was built on a cricket ground and to commemorate this a statue was erected. What a lot of people fail to notice is that the ball also got sculpted – presumably by a novice sculptor as balls are a reasonably easy subject. Anyway, if […]


Yes football, so named because it’s beautiful when those silly men have finished running around. A load of balls. Some basic facts: Loads of blokes run around chasing a ball, called a football, saying things like “Man on!!!” and “On the ‘ead!”. It’s paramount that they shout. The player who feels the cold the most […]