Time – The world in the not too distant future.

The majority of people sit at their computers to work and communicate. Food is manufactured by computer powered machines, is ordered on line and delivered automatically to the work station. Computer chairs turn into beds and lavatories. Procreation is managed via the internet – eggs and sperm are streamed automatically to cyber maternity hospitals. You can watch your children grow on line. (Finally! Lo,TG Ed)

There are pockets of people who lead traditional lives and can still grow food and build houses – they are treated with suspicion and contempt.

Some disillusioned people from Apple Macintosh decide that they’ve been ripped off enough and launch a satellite into orbit that sends a throbbing pulse through the world and freezes all computers, including their own: it was just meant to be an object lesson but they hadn’t thought it through properly.

People like SEO experts and professional bloggers die first. They can’t even have a Google to find a quick way to die – they sit staring at their computers and die slowly, of thirst and hunger.

Others wander away from their terminals and stumble blinking into daylight.

Slowly the farmers and the bricklayers take over the world, very sensibly making their first job bricking in the hippies in Wales. They could have got way too powerful. (Not too clever that; they’ll probably be the only ones with anything to eat. They’ll be growing they’re own AND knitting their own sandals.. LO,TG Ed)

They run courses for people on how to talk, a forgotten skill. Sex lessons are high on the agenda. (FINALLY!! Lo,TG Ed) All technology that relies on computers is redesigned – the world is in a much more balanced state and everyone lives happily ever after, apart from the ones that died…………… [ that is until the Sex Wars that erupt 300 years later …… oooo, a sequel! ……… brilliant.]