So there I was on eBay watching the old Volvo’s roof bars reaching the heady heights of £21 + £15 postage and packing and thinking “Oooo, the PayPal account will be in the black for the first time ever!”.

Meanwhile Lo, she is a terrible Goddess was hunched over her computer looking a tad secretive.

After I had had an email from Paypal to say the money had been received I decided to check the balance. Apparently we owed £64!!?!!

I was just going to inform the TG and ask her to contact them to find out what was going on when she got up from her computer saying “Excellent Peabrain, I’ve just got an iPhone on eBay for a mere £100.” Suddenly the maths made sense. Still, we must have been in credit for a nanosecond or two … *sigh*