… I’m very slow on the up-take.


As you know, avid readers, I’m very patient, cheery, understanding, extremely intelligent, cool etc. If I have a fault it would be modesty. However, if I don’t have a cup of decent coffee first thing in the morning, my qualities are not that buffed and shiny.

My normal morning routine is to fall out of bed, have a little scratch and then head for the kitchen. I ladle two heaped teaspoonfuls of quality ground coffee into the cafetiere, pour in hot water, wait patiently for at least 5 seconds and then decant the ambrosia onto some milk, add two sweeteners and then savour the brew in one enormous gulp. I have used a medium strength coffee for years.
I accidentally bought some very strong grounds last week, mainly because I’d forgotten my glasses when I went shopping. I thought it was my usual blend. I made my beverage in the usual way and then spent several hours running around the Cliff Top Residence plumping cushions and dusting the top of pictures, charging into the garden and dusting the top of the hedges, and plumping a rather startled cat. Eventually I went back into the house and had my shower and got dressed.
I eventually worked out  why my behaviour had been a tad odd.
I then experimented with the super strength coffee and found that half of the amount I usually use made an excellent brew. As this strength costs the same as my old coffee I can now cut my coffee bill by half. I really should have thought of this money-saving scheme before.