Gertrude, my pet llama, has been with me almost as long as I’ve had a blog. [new avid readers might like to put Gertrude in the search engine over on the right – either that or get a life of course].

Anyhoo, I was fossicking in the loft the other day and came across the suitcase he arrived with and in it I found this piccy tucked away under his spare pyjamas.


Obviously I was a tad intrigued and asked him about it.

After a rather long discussion [there are language difficulties of course – he was born and raised in America] found out that the splendid beast on the right was his Grandfather, named Winifred, and the shy little beauty on the left was destined to become his Grandmother – she got a bit tiddly after eating over-ripe apples and lost her inhibitions, among other things.  Apparently this one night stand left Sidney in a potentially embarrassing situation but Winifred remained by her side until she sadly died a few years later; she took up with the famous Llama Drama company and fell off the stage during a rousing version of one of Shakespeare’s plays. This came as no surprise to the other llamas as Sidney failed to call the production ‘The Scottish Play’, referring instead to ‘Mac****’. She broke all her legs but never realised the irony as she didn’t recover from the ensuing coma. However, her interpretation of the Lady ‘Scottish Play’ heroine is still talked about today.

The story of what happened to Gertrude’s parents must be left for another day ….. I must warn you though, it’s very upsetting.


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