Yesterday I received an RSI. The odd thing was I was just sitting down on the sofa and not moving a muscle.


A few minutes before I started suffering I was telling Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, some very interesting facts about grouting.

She actually stopped reclining, got up, crossed the living room and placed several well aimed kicks to my shins.

“If you repeat one of those “fascinating” grouting facts again I believe the constant strain I am under will be seen as mitigating circumstances which will weigh heavily in my favour at your murder trial. I’m prepared to take the chance ….. darling”

She returned to her sofa.

“….. and don’t bleed on the carpet.”

I had to sit very still and wait until I scabbed over. Luckily I’m a quickish healer and had stopped bleeding before my Wellington boots filled up. How she manages to home in with such accuracy to the minimal amount of shin showing between the top of the boots and my knees is amazing. {(I’m not bad with a shotgun, either! A goddess needs a hobby. Lo,TG Ed)}

Have a grand weekend and may the farce be with you.