Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has plans for the garden and they involve moving half of it 50 metres nearer the cliff top.

The old steps have to be removed and new, shallower ones cut into the lawn – and the spoil moved to the bottom of the garden.

The area up where the bench is sitting has to be lowered by 16 inches and then paved over with sandstone – with the spoil moved to the bottom of the garden.

The area front left, is to be a vegetable bed. There’s some decent compost we inherited – right at the bottom of the garden which has to be moved to this end of the garden.

Most of the work could be avoided if I turned the world around by 180Ëš which, quite frankly, might be easier.

Still, the excitement of coming across this ……

……. at the bottom of the garden, whilst I was wearing little more than some flipflops and Speedos, did have a galvanising effect …….. I ran screaming into the house and hid in the lavatory, and refused to come out until the TG had ‘sorted’ it …….. “Oh still my beating heart.”

(Avid Reader, he is now digging in full body armour. Still, it’s mildly diverting. Lo,TG Ed)