Here is a picture proving that the competition I ran in April was genuine.

The winner, who’s name was drawn from a hat by Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, was Lizza whose blog irritates me no end – too much sunshine, sand and paddling [and waaaaay too much beer].

Obviously, the Philippines have a strange effect on writing, and irons aren’t used over there (Quite right too, Peabrain, Lizza’s got too much common sense to spend time ironing your t-shirts – as have I…….. She does seem to have turned herself inside out tho’. Lo,TG Ed) – I approve of the sophisticated presentation though. Personally I think she should use it as a dress – tee hee.

The expense of producing this unique item, the horrendous postage costs [not to mention the packaging] and the customs forms that had to be filled in, were well worth it …………… Lizza looks lovely [shame she’s lost her head – oh well].

When I’ve saved up some more money, I’ll run another competition …… but don’t hold your breath ……..